About Raising Self-Esteem in a Cramped Apartment With Little Money

by Bill on April 2, 2012

Rearranging Cramped Apartments Can Raise Self-Esteem With Little Money

Here’s a question for you – how many of you out there live in a cramped apartment? Now how many are doing so because you don’t have the money to move someplace better yet? Causes a lot of second guessing about yourself doesn’t it? Trust me I come up with self-esteem issues almost every morning over the first cup of coffee looking at the walls of our place.

Here’s a small glimpse of it – it’s got a narrow short kitchen with enough room for two people standing side by side. The living room and my room were one big room which was cut in in half to make a second bedroom. Then the bathroom was cut into both of those, making two small “L” shaped rooms with one window each. And those are the only windows in the place.

Now this isn’t that bad for one person; but we’ve got two adults, a four-year old, seven resident cats and an old Beagle. That’s a cramped apartment. I trip over animals trying to feed them each morning. We can’t not run into each other some days. But for $300 its a cheap roof so it works. We can’t afford more at the moment because everything around us is near three times that much.

So, what do you do when you have a cramped apartment, little money and low self-esteem because of it? I’m gonna put the answer down below here in big bold letters


Here’s what keeps me going, seriously it is something to think about.

1. Do we all have a bed – yes

2. Do we all have access to food – yes, see my post here on the food pantry

3. Are we cold – no, we just keep the heat lower and wear long sleeves but we have heat

4. Are we safe and dry – well the front door locks and the ceiling hasn’t caved in from the people upstairs yet

5. Are we facing eviction – no as long as we keep paying rent or making arrangements to get it paid

If you can answer yes to those five questions like I can, you still have a chance at something. I’m not sure what because I don’t even know what I’m in store for yet. I know I was meant to be here, or I wouldn’t have landed here. I also know that eventually I am meant to move on. That is the part you must remember! Whatever crap you are in will end.

How do you get through the days? I write about it myself. I keep a notebook where I spend about an hour each morning writing out frustrations and ideas and things I notice. No, it doesn’t replace the stress, but it does provide a vent – and you need the vent when dealing with low self-esteem and money. Especially in a cramped apartment where little things can set people off.

You can also:

1. get out and go to parks where space is abundant

2. paint your place bright colors like sky blue to give the appearance of space

3. become a minimalist and have the bare needs for furniture (we haven’t done that part yet)

4. get creative with space if you’re allowed – here’s three sites to look at

19 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment

50 Best Blogs for Small Space Living

How to Arrange a Teeny Tiny Apartment


There’s a few ideas to get you started. Anybody got more ideas?
William Swan, writer

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Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter April 2, 2012 at 1:44 pm

I always try to find ways to create extra space and more clutter free environment. Have less stuff definitely helps with this. It is amazing how many uses you can get out of one item if you are just creative.

Modest Money April 2, 2012 at 10:57 pm

I face similar challenges, but my apartment isn’t small…just run down. I do look at it as just a temporary stay. I know that if I work hard I will move onto something better. It does help to vent about some of the things you don’t like, as long as it doesn’t become obsessive so that you keep reminding yourself of the negatives.

For me, making a point of going outside more plays a big role. It gets me more exercise and more vitamin d from the sun, both helping improve my mood. Plus it is a bit of time where I am not reminded of my apartment.

That is amazing that you also have a 4 year old and multiple pets in your small apartment. That would make it seem even smaller.
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Sharon April 3, 2012 at 11:07 am

I’m sorry but there is a 2 bedroom apartment, and the mother has her niece and her 2 children living under the same roof..
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Bill April 3, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Hey Sharon

You’re probably referring to the size of the space or rooms. If the rooms are large enough you can accommodate people using various arrangements. If the place has a small square footage it becomes harder.

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