My name is Anne Wayman. Some of you may know me as the blogger at www.aboutfreelancewriting.com. I’ve been a writer, ghostwriter, and blogger for over thirty years.

Part of my personal journey has been learning how to get comfortable with money. This has included:

  • Allowing Spirit’s abundance/prosperity to flow to me
  • Letting go of debt and underearning

This is where I will natter on about money and spirit and spirit and money.



Hi, I’m Bill Swan, most likely none of you know me. I met Anne through my writing and her site. After finding a common interest via this site, I asked her why it went dormant for so long – honest answer, she didn’t have the time. So, I took over. She’s still around and pops in now and then.

Now here I am adding my two cents in (yes I tell bad jokes too). Mostly I believe we’ve gotten away from what life is really about and exchanged it for what I call a throw away life, which isn’t good. We’ve gotten away from what holds us to the Earth, and how we support ourselves by believing in a higher power other than the Almighty Dollar and following the crowd.

So that’s my story at the beginning, follow along and I’ll tell ya the rest.

William Swan, writer

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Millionaire Artist November 9, 2006 at 12:38 pm

Hi Anne,

Just discovered your blog – keep up the interesting writing. I think our blogs share some objectives.

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