Being Vague About Money Caused These 5 Problems

by anne on April 9, 2009

These are just some of the thinpencil-and-notebookgs I hated about being vague about money:

  • I felt I had to sneak up to the automatic teller and I was actually afraid to go inside the bank. Sure, sometimes I had to, but I hated it.
  • I never was sure of any given check would clear.
  • No matter how much money I had I always felt poor and hesitated to spend on much of anything.
  • My life was pinched and small.
  • I always felt guilty around money.

Since I’ve learned how to get out of vagueness around money these symptoms almost never occur and if they do I know all I need to do is either bring my numbers current or double check exactly what money I’ve spent and need to spend.

How has being vague around money made you feel?

Love, blessings and prosperity,


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