Catching Up

by anne on November 30, 2008

confusion of boatsMid-month I wrote about Getting Out Of Vagueness, Again. I talked about how I wasn’t doing my morning meditation and wasn’t entering my numbers, which I consider part of my spiritual practice.

Well, I didn’t do it then, or at least not consistently. A major excuse was I was first trying to find a new place to live and then once I did, packing and moving. There’s an additional truth and that’s I was also having a difficult time spritiually accepting something that had happened to some cats I knew.

Now I’m moved and this morning I did some spiritual reading and sat in mediation for about 12 minutes – a start.

Time passes, numbers entered, bank accounts downloaded, and I’ve got reconciliation confusion. So I’ve posted on the Quicken forum and now I’ve had enough of numbers at the moment. At least I know how much the bank says I have at the moment.



Now I’m working on my numbers. I stashed  a fistful of un-entered receipts and packed them somewhere I was sure I’d be able to find. Wrong, at least not yet. I also have receipts from the last eight days. Since I can’t find the former, I’m entering those on the theory that’s better than nothing. It’s amazing how much fear I’m feeling. Vagueness around numbers is a killer for me.

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