Clutter and Debt – Are They Related?

by anne on August 24, 2006

Most of the folks I know who are involved in letting go of unsecured debt and under earning also report they have issues with clutter. That is, they report that, like me, paper tends to pile up until it falls over, stuff collects in the car until it’s too embarrassing to take a passenger, and the dishes tend to get done only if there are no more dishes to use.

My hunch, and it’s sort of based on my own experience, is that the hook between debt and clutter is vagueness. The less vague I become about my money, mostly by keeping my numbers, the more money I seem to have. It’s almost magic!

Clutter seems to be somewhat the same. I can actually go several days before I notice the clutter in the kitchen, or the stack of books I’m stepping over, or the stack of papers wobbling on my desk.

But when I schedule 15 minutes of clean-up time… actually make an appointment with myself and get it written down on my daily calendar, I actually take action and do some, if not cleaning, at least tidying. When I schedule 15 minutes of clean up six days a week, it’s not long before things start to look better around my house.

I have no idea how these two things came to be related in my mind and actions… and I don’t much care. The story doesn’t matter, the corrective action does.


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