Dealing with Under Earning Redux

by Bill on January 11, 2012

In a post written here by Anne Wayman way back in 2006 called Dealing With Under Earning, she advocated a group called Under Earners Anonymous. I noticed in the comments she got hit with how it isn’t the person’s fault they can’t earn enough. This is partly true. While the economy, and the size of corporate and bureaucratic crap is huge, there is also a responsibility of each person to deal with their own situation. So, this got me wondering and I asked myself the following question:

What do you do when you don’t have what it takes to get the bigger, better pay?

No Skills
This is a question I keep hearing people ask when you go to the local Employment Office or for any type of public assistance. No, they’re not trying to outright deny you – although it seems like it. What they’re trying to do is get people to understand that they have useful skills that can help them get somewhere.

What do you do with your time when you’re not at work? Do you walk dogs? Start a dog walking service Do you cook for your family? You can create custom menus for the elderly or really busy people; make up the food for the menu and freeze it for a supply of so many meals. Do you wash clothes? Start a laundry washing service. Are you always fixing someone’s computer? Set up a service for simple computer maintenance. How about delivering groceries? Yes, you need to check into how far you can go before what you do is anything other than a side-gig, but looking at what you already do should give you a few clues for what you can do with what little skills you think you have.

No Education
Okay, I have no formal degree. Yes, there, I said it. I never graduated college. Oh well, so what. The point? Neither did a lot of famous well-off a writer I know a few writers who fall into this category – J.K. Rowling (the one who wrote Harry Potter), George Bernard Shaw, Walt Whitman, George Orwell, Jack London to name a few. Here’s a couple that don’t have writer’s fame – Felix Dennis the publisher of Maxim magazine; DeWitt Wallace the founder of Reader’s Digest.

The point is, you don’t need a degree if you have the drive. No drive, and you can’t even get through college. You must have the will to succeed.
Now, if you really want an education, try online courses or distance learning. Try Foley-Belsaw or a company like that which offers courses in various trades. Night schools and community colleges have schedules and programs for two-year degrees.

Not a Good Location
Yes I’ve heard this one before too. I myself live in n area where there are only maybe two big employers to choose from; one is the gas industry and the other is the hospital. Everything else is low wage. So you find something else to do. You get good at something in demand in the area. Around here, construction seems a good bet right now if you are willing to bust your butt marketing. Out in the rural areas around me you find people with all sorts of skills advertising along roadsides. Think about the needs you have. Think about how these same needs may relate to the people living around you. I’ll bet there’s an answer you can provide even on a part-time basis.

The answers you seek are not found in following the “flow” around you; what everyone else does, says and thinks will not get you more money. Brainstorming on your own abilities and matching them to your situation can get you more money. Having someone to talk to helps. Having a support system in place helps. If you can’t find the support you need from those around you, seek it out in groups and networks. This is where a group such as Under Earners Anonymous comes into play. If a structured group helps, use it. If you don’t like the structured environment, find someone, anyone to talk to about the problem.

How are you planning to deal with under earning in 2012?

Do you have another helpful idea under earners could use?

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