Fewer college students volunteer their time – USATODAY.com

by Bill on January 25, 2012

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Fewer college students volunteer their time – USATODAY.com.

I found this article surfing through Google News on Sunday. It makes me wonder. How many people are limiting themselves, both socially and financially, by actively limiting their networking ability; and on top of that, their ability to be exposed to new or fresh ideas that they didn’t consider both in employment and in their financial world.

It also says another thing that I found seriously disheartening – people are starting not to care about each other again. While I do agree that you must always watch out for yourself, the fact that people are less likely to seek out ways to help others also points to two major factors related to this blog.

Debt – in a society such as we have in America we have come to believe that people tend to seek out more than what their neighbors have, or think they have. The point I seriously think people miss is that volunteering helps them understand just how much they already have without debt added on. The more debt you incur the more problems you incur; the more volunteering you do, the more you see the need for less debt and more opportunity. At least to me anyhow.

Employment or Customer Oriented – no matter what business you are in, employer or employee, you have customers and clients. Somehow, somewhere, you are serving the needs of someone else. So how does volunteering connect? With the lack of volunteering I also see a lack of regard to best serve those around us, or in a business sense, best provide for the needs of your customers. How are you going to learn how to serve others, thereby increasing your benefits and income, if you don’t make an attempt at learning? Again volunteering is the attempt to learn something, to reach out, to expand yourself outward – for free. On top of that, it also makes good public relations for you, your company or whatever. So what happened?

On the positive end of this, like I said earlier, volunteering brings both networking and training opportunities. One year when I worked as a bell ringer for the local Salvation Army I ran into both homeless people and college kids, along side a vets wife. You honestly don’t know who you will find yourself working next to during a volunteering effort. Now as for training, yes, you can get that too. Let’s say you wanted to find out what working in the child care field was like; you could volunteer your services to be alongside trained personnel working child care. This gives you an idea of what to expect, and maybe a reference, and maybe a contact or two. I know a pet care clinic up here, Stray Haven, that uses mostly volunteers. Now if you wanted to get into the pet care field, there you go – volunteer for a pet sanctuary and get the training you need.

So while I’m hoping the trend in college kids not volunteering doesn’t remain when they go to work, I am also hoping that adults today take the chance to strengthen their volunteer efforts to expand their lives, worth and value to themselves.

Have you volunteered lately?

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Lorilee January 25, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Thanks for your post. Volunteering makes the ‘free’ difference πŸ™‚ Also, sometimes it isn’t a fancy position, but just caring and watching for people who need help and encouragement all around us all the time.
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