Getting Out Of Vagueness, Again

by anne on November 16, 2008

One of the ways I’ve started to earn what I deserve is by keeping my numbers. That means tracking every single penny I spend. I do this by keeping receipts and keeping a 3 x 5 card in my purse to write down expenditures I don’t get a receipt for.

Then, at least in theory, Sunday through Friday I enter those numbers in my Quicken Home and Business every morning as part of my spiritual practice. After all, G*d is in the numbers.

Recently, however, I’ve not been doing my morning meditation and I’ve been sporadic on keeping my numbers. Sure I’ve got excuses, like packing to move, etc. etc. etc. But the truth is, I’m back in vagueness again.

The only solution is to get caught up on my numbers. I’ll use this post as the first half of a bookend.

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