God Is In The Numbers

by anne on August 27, 2006

goldsundset.jpgIf you believe, as I do, that God, or Spirit, or Higher Power, or… is all that means not only are each one part of that All but God is also in the numbers. The idea that keeping numbers can be a Spiritual Practice may seem strange at first, but if we approach logging in every single cent we spend with a meditative attitude, we may be pleasantly surprised.

This is how it seems to work for me. Each morning I begin with reading something spiritual. I then spend anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes in quiet contemplating the main idea of what I read. I often end this session by noting at least five things I’m grateful for. Then it’s time to turn on the computer.

I use Quicken Home and Business to track my spending and, when I’m on it, I spend maybe 10 more minutes recording the expenses from yesterday. I really work to do this with an attitude of gratitude and bring a meditative quality to this exercise. When I’m successful, it feels like I’ve extended the time I devote to my spiritual practice.

This approach also helps keep me sane and even centered about my earning and spending. It seems God really is in the numbers.


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Lisa Claudia Briggs November 11, 2007 at 11:29 am

HI Anne-

I love the details of your morning sacred time. I have found that in my own recovery, and that of my eating disordered clients’, that the most we can make the every day meditative and sacred, the more willing we may be to do it, and to feel the relief of it.

My eatind disordered clients often have spending/money issues as well, twin addictions springing from
similar places, and so the money pieces get addressed. I know that many of us are more willing to
do the accountability piece when it is in the context of spiritual connection and making everything

thanks for sharing the specifics of your morning-time, am going to
share with my clients.

Peace and every blessing,

anne November 13, 2008 at 10:33 am

Thanks Lisa, glad to know some of what I write here helps.

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