Greetings From Me

by Bill on July 6, 2011

I wanted to pop up and say hello now that Anne has given me an intro. I’m a simple person. I believe in one thing, well actually three, when it comes to money.

Keep it simple. Don’t waste money you don’t have. Live to your full potential. The money will be there at the end.

That sums up everything in one paragraph. I don’t believe in a “throw away” society. That includes life. While you may have the choice of what to do with what you are handed in life, nothing was given to you to throw away without making full use of it. Hence the reason for joining up with Anne on this blog.

I honestly believe people have forgotten how to live comfortably with themselves. I believe that people have grown accustomed to seeking satisfaction in outside influences while forgetting about looking in to themselves. I also believe the power to achieve the life you want wasn’t made by any product sold at Walmart, and was always there inside if you choose to seek it out.

It’s not your fault, really. Advertisers want everyone to think like that. That’s how they sell their stuff. But if you are here, reading these pages, you already are half way to understanding this point. You are here seeking answers. And this is what Anne and I try to provide. Read on, seek out answers, and don’t settle – ever. You’re worth more than the next best sale swiped on the credit card.



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