How Much To Pay In Rent?

by anne on November 13, 2008

I’m also a freelance writer – my writing blog is now at – which means my income is uncertain. I have savings that help smooth that out nicely. Even so, I get confused!

I need to move and I thought I had a cool studio with a separate office, and a yard, complete with fountain lined up. The rent was super low and my thought was to live there a year or two and save like mad so I can buy something. It fell through.

I’d been considering a two-bedroom I like, but felt uneasy about the amount I’d be paying. While I probably won’t find something as cheap as the studio, I can find something close to what I’m paying now, rather than going for a big increase.

I’ve been stewing. And just now I got clear. A one bedroom with a great outdoor area would allow me to pay the rent I want. I’d keep my office in the living room and use the computer as both my radio often, and my DVD player. I don’t have TV so that’s a good solution.

Sometimes we just have to mentally pace before the solution appears.

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