How to Go From Being Unemployed to Your Ideal Job

by Bill on December 13, 2013

unemployed to ideal job Your Ideal Job

Many people who find themselves unemployed, share a common thought; what would I do if I could get my ideal job? The wish of having the ideal job is common among almost every working person, and is more so for the unemployed.

When unemployed people think that all their employment problems would be solved if they could find the ideal job, what are they basing this thought upon? What is your ideal job? How do you get to it? 

How to Identify Your Ideal Job

Let’s imagine that your ideal job has no constraints of money, age, or health; what would the ideal job have to offer you? Some questions that you ask yourself to help identify your ideal job might include:

* What would the specifications of the job be?

* With whom would you work?

* What are the surroundings?

* How much responsibility would you have?

* What would your work day look like?

How to Find Your Ideal Job

Once you have identified what your ideal job looks like, you can begin the path from unemployment to your ideal job. Before you begin searching for your ideal job you must clarify goals and steps to get there, as well as a time frame:

* What do my answers indicate about what I would value and aspire to?

* Is my ideal job based in reality and can I get there? In other words, if you’re 45 and want to be a pro football quarterback, but never played football, this is not reality; on the other hand, if you want to sell real estate, this is achievable with some time spent on education and training.

* How much of my goal is achievable at this time or might be in the future? This is not to say you can’t reach your goal; but by breaking it down into baby steps you can see what’s possible now, and what needs to wait until a later time.

* What barriers exist to achieving my goals and how do I overcome them? Education, physical location, transportation, financial concerns or scheduling may all play a part here; consider what barriers you have and look to find ways to overcome each one at a time.

* What would the consequences be of my working to achieve my ideal job on myself and other people? This one you need to be honest with both you and your family. If your ideal job involves uprooting the kids you must consider this. If your goal involves taking on student loan debt, this too must be considered.  

* What objectives would I like to set to get to my ideal job? This is where you create steps to get to your goal. Make the steps small so you can do each one. Some steps may require previous steps completed as a prerequisite but that’s okay.

Now that you have realistic answers and goals set up for achieving your trip from unemployment to your ideal job, is it still possible? If so you need to start looking at where your ideal job is and what it takes to get there. This exercise will not be a short time event, nor will it take little effort.

You may need to do one of the following in the meantime to help get you to your ideal job:

# Work through employment agencies and temporary work

# Take classes

# Find volunteer and apprenticeship programs to help network and build skills needed

It has never been said that you must settle for any specific type of work. Your ideal job may not have been what your parents, spouse, or anyone else thought you would be good at. But if you are to be truly happy earning your living, having the ideal job for you does help the situation. Robert Frost was a prime example; he never gave up the dream of being a poet even when family and life told him he couldn’t. He became one of the 20th Century poets that everyone reads about.

What’s your ideal job? How do you plan to get there?

William Swan, writer

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