I Hate My Job – But I Can Do Something About That

by Bill on December 4, 2013

“I hate my job” – I’ve heard that comment many times; and I almost want to say back to those people “what are you doing about it?” There is something you can do about that.

Now, I’m not talking about making a list of pros and cons; although it can be done if you’re willing. And I’m not talking about “settling” or getting along until something new comes along. I will never condone those simply because of one thing: nothing changes if nothing changes.

In other words, you have to make some effort to change something in order for any changes to occur. Nothing happens by accident.

So, what do you do when you find yourself telling others “I hate my job”? Other than figuring out why you hate your job, you can do something to fix the problem. Find another job. Wait, it’s not that easy; yeah I can hear that coming from lots of people out there. And this is why people get stuck at a job they hate. But it is really just that simple.

Here’s how. On the way home from your dreadful job, stop into at least two businesses per day along the way home and pick up applications; if not just to find out who to hand your resume to. The next day, drop those completed applications or resumes off and go to work. Rinse and repeat. Keep going until you land a different job.

Now, notice I didn’t say “better job”. I said different job. No, the new job may not be better. No the pay likely won’t be better either. But, I can guarantee that placing applications and resumes with other employers will give you a boost. Why?

Simply put, you are moving forward in not having a job you hate. The psychological impact in the mind equates to feeling better because you are doing something about the problem.

In the meanwhile, as you hunt for a new job, figure out why you hate the old job. It most likely won’t be as simple as “the people there suck”. After you figure this part out, you can make headway figuring out how to get a job you want.

This simple first step can help you get away from a job you hate. Use it as a step forward into your better future. Use it as a step towards your better job. One of those applications could lead to the job you seek directly; or put you in a job you never dreamed of liking in the first place.

From personal experience I can tell you of a job I hated badly; to the point where I honestly dreaded walking the five blocks to work each day. This was the retail job I share about every now and then. I would tell lots of people how I hate my job. But I never really thought of doing anything about it until it got too unbearable to think about. That’s not a distance you want to go.

What did I do? You can read about that here at this post. While I didn’t drop off physical applications, I did manage to put myself out there and find other work. This led to my working with freelance writing and at newspapers; a completely different job compared to retail.

Do you hate your job? What have you done about it lately?

William Swan, writer

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