Improving Financial Self Esteem

by Bill on March 21, 2012

Is Your Financial Self Esteem in the Gutter?

The other day I wrote a post about knowing your financial self-esteem; I gave a few hints for examples as to what to look for if your self-esteem is low. Part of knowing how your self-esteem relates to your money is knowing your income reality and your spending mentality. A lot of it has to do with changing current habits and outlook on life.

Raising Self-Esteem in General

To adjust your financial outlook you MUST address your self-esteem and self-worth first. To create new habits you must change the old ones.

So, how do you change habits regarding self-esteem?

  • Smile – yes I know this sounds much easier said than done. But seriously, find one thing to be happy about and show your happiness by smiling each day
  • No one is better than you – we all came from the same material, stock or whatever. It takes two people to agree that one of them is inferior; do not ever let anyone allow you to make a deal like this
  • No one deserves to be brought down – on the converse, you do not have the right to bring others down to your perceived level. If you feel low about yourself, bringing someone else down so you feel higher is only a short-term one day fix.
  • Learn to accept giving – the words “thank you” should not be a chore or a burden; you deserve people doing things for you when it is a sign of good will. You earned it.
  • Celebrate accomplishments of you and everyone around you – this does two things: it shows you are willing to accept success for yourself; and you are willing to share success with others. In return, others will share success with you. It’s called the Law of Give and Return.
  • Love what you do – be the master of what you want and do it. No one has the right to tell you that you cannot do what you dream.
  • Change people – if you honestly are surrounded by people who always doubt your dream, ability or capacity why the hell would you achieve anything? Would you stand against the wall as they tossed stones at you? Seriously, change people and find a group that applaudes your dream, efforts and brainstorms with you to generate more ideas.


Now how does that do anything for financial self-esteem? It brings prosperity to your life.

  • The smile each day could open the door to a conversation that brings in a new opportunity for higher income or advancement.
  • Lifting your head up allows you to see past those who would rather you see nothing but their boot. Once you see past them, you see potentially greater possibilities not available before. Move on and leave the naysayers behind.
  • Enjoy your life damn it! You only get one. I’ve been told a billion times do what you love and you never have to work or have a job again. Its the ones who hate what they do who tell you they have a J-O-B and make sure everyone knows it. Find what you love and do it.
  • If you celebrate the accomplishments of yourself and others around you, you may find yourself riding the coattails of some good upward momentum. People who made it big remember those who celebrated with them and cheered them on.


Creating a New Self-Worth

The one problem people with low self-worth have is they don’t believe they can achieve anything other than small things. Well, here’s where you change that around. Go find the movie “What About Bob”and watch it. You learn quickly that the whole premise is about taking baby steps to achieve big things.

Here’s something you can do to creating a new self-worth. DREAM BIG. You can use many small things to reach the end goal, but make the end goal huge. Let’s say you never saved a dime. Make the end goal to save up $1,000 by the end of the year. Being this is March you have $100 per month to make this work. Here’s the baby steps or small things to make that work:

  • Take out $4 per day each day and set it aside. Find a way to not spend $4 each day and put that in a savings account.
  • At the end of one month you have $120 (4×30=120); take $20 out of the savings, leaving $100, and go buy yourself a treat. Make it dinner or a couple of movies or something you want and will enjoy. Here’s a rule though – you cannot make it something you need, it has to be something you want.
  • Repeat the two steps above. At the end of December you have $1,000 and you allowed yourself to enjoy the new growth along the way. No pain, but you still gained. And now you also have formed a habit of saving money!

You can use the above method to save up to anything you want. You won’t have to worry about anyone telling you that you can’t have it, can’t afford it, or the cost will go up if you don’t get it now. Why? Because you already have a way to save up to get there without anyone else’s approval – no bank, family loans or cash advances ever.

And no, this isn’t a quick fix happy pill. Sorry. Life takes risks and work to make something out of it. You make what you want out of life.
William Swan, writer

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