Jobs to Get With an AA Degree

by Bill on September 15, 2011

If you are underemployed, or even unemployed, finding a job suited to you and your needs is hard without the proper education. The problem of education becomes one of cost. Getting an associate’s degree can seem a waste of time. The truth is there are jobs you can get with an AA degree. With one of these degrees not only do you get experience in a field you like, you also gain income should you want to go on for a higher degree or certification.

Here’s a short list of jobs you can get with an AA degree.

Associated Arts in Business Degree
The old story that a job in business administration led to simple office work is a long ago proven fallacy. With modern offices being complex or technical such as healthcare and administrative positions, a degree in business administration gets you in the door. These jobs can lead to advancement to positions such as Executive Assistant, Office Management or even a supervisor position in a multi-unit organization.

Another business degree is an Associate of Accounting degree. Two year AA degrees get you into offices working payroll, auditing, billing or accounts management. Home association, property or real estate management jobs also make use of AA degrees. These can lead to full accounting degrees, real estate licensing or investment jobs.

Associates Degree in Education
AA degrees in general education may not allow you to be a school teacher or college professor, but they do offer opportunities in the education field. Jobs in educational fields include media specialists, teacher’s aids, administrative aids or tutoring positions. Educational Service Cooperatives and ESL programs make use of two year AA degrees. Being bilingual helps in this field. You can work up to full teaching status, librarian, grants and research, associate professor or even teach night classes with the right experience (such as Business or Criminal Justice)

Two-Year Criminal Justice Degree
Speaking of criminal justice, yes it is still possible to find jobs you can get with an AA degree. Most higher positions will require a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree; but a police officer, probation officer, or security position often only require an AA degree to get the job. Again, once you have the degree, the income can be used to further your education if you want to go further into the field.

Artistic Jobs with an AA Degree
If you are artistic in nature you can use this to your advantage. Graphic arts and designing both require only a two year degree to get in. Entry-level positions in ad agencies or public relations firms also are available with a two-year degree. Once inside, you can learn valuable skills for advancement. Don’t forget the fashion industry. Junior designers and assistants are used to help with general designs and project management. Use the job as an apprenticeship and learn everything there is to get you further.

While we’re at it, let’s add culinary to the list. Many schools including the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) offer two-year degrees for pastry chef, sues chef and various specialized areas. Depending n the school and the programs available you can land a job anywhere from a specialty bakery to a fine-dining establishment. Again, entry-level slots often serve as the ground work for learning from experience.

The cost of an education can seem out of reach when you are underemployed or unemployed. Many studies have shown the connection between some level of education and earnings. The best way to find work is to get an Associate of Arts degree for in a field you like. There are jobs you can get with an AA degree. Once you have the job, use the position as experience to work yourself up to the income level you deserve.

So what happens if you can’t take time off to get a degree? Take online classes, use distance learning or night classes. Use grants and federal programs to gain funding. The point is, if you want to earn more you must make the attempt. If you have a degree in a field you no longer work in, use this opportunity to change direction.

Is there a way you can make education work for you?

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