Make Your Own Job

by Bill on December 17, 2013

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There’s been lots of talk lately about the need for better living wages, better use of federal programs and how millions of unemployed or underemployed are about to become yet another statistic. Both the economists and the politicians have created yet another hot button topic out of a realistic concern for many low wage working poor.

How do you get around this if you are one of those millions soon to be affected? How do you lessen the burden of being one of those people? You make your own job. Follow with me for a few moments here.

Simply put, you make use of the talents you already have. Yes, you. You have something to offer. And you over there; you have something that makes yourself unique and useful too. You’re not just a burger flipper, or a cashier or some low-skilled floor mopper. YOU HAVE VALUE BEYOND THE JOB.

Now that we’ve got that straightened out; how do you go about adding your personal value to your income? This is where the title of this blog post comes in; you make your own job. You don’t depend on the government for handouts because you want to; I’m sure you don’t. You most likely wouldn’t continuously take low pay minimum wage jobs if you could afford not to. Well, you can get around that by making a use for yourself.

What do you do daily? Seriously, what’s your routine when not at work? Do you keep up a house? Do you take care of kids, pets, siblings or parents? Do you do laundry? Do you deliver meals, or make sure someone else gets the basics required for daily living? Can you change a lightbulb, fix a sink or toilet, caulk a window? Do you drive? Can you sew, knit, paint?

Think people. If you’re reading this you’re on the internet. You can check out places such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or Microworkers for side jobs. Look at Craigslist for side work under x or x for gigs and to place an ad for what you can do in your own city.

This is doable. I know, I’ve done this too. When I was working for the retail mom and pop shop, and I wanted out, I made a plan. I found a way to buy an old van with my income tax return. Then I started a handyman business on the side. I also went into writing since I had access to a computer and the internet. It wasn’t perfect, but eventually it replaced the job and allowed me to move onto better things.

Start small, think in baby steps. Do a combination of things if you have to; but the point is to do something. If you wait for the government or big companies to make things better it’s not coming. It just isn’t. Make your own job.

Is there anybody out there who’s done this? Care to chime in?

William Swan, writer

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