Meet Bill Swan

by anne on July 5, 2011

Although earning money,  living prosperously, and staying out of debt are passions of mine, I kept  getting more and more behind with this blog. What I needed was a hero, and sure enough one appeared.

Bill Swan, creator of William Swan Writing Services has followed me at AboutFreelanceWriting. Then we began following each other as it were. Somehow he discovered this blog languishing here on the ‘net and asked me about it.

Conversation ensued and we discovered we had a lot in common re money and debt, and a whole bunch of differences.

In other words a perfect combo for a good blog.

Bill was willing to join me as a full partner here. Need I say how delighted I am to have the help? I also know it will be easier to hold up my end with someone who is willing to help.

Welcome Bill! Now you give him a nice welcome too.

Love, blessings and prosperity,


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