Mini Economic Gains Screw With the Unemployed

by Bill on February 8, 2012

I keep reading about how the economy in the US is supposed to be gaining ground. Actually I think its going slower than the papers report but here’s a story from the Washington Post.

Fewer sought unemployment aid last week as modest economic growth reduces layoffs – The Washington Post.

Now, I keep track of unemployment news via Google. While the economy is slightly growing, the unemployed are getting screwed again. Unemployment benefits and extensions are stopping or ending for so many because of this slight growth.

The article below shows how 17,000 Pennsylvanians will stop receiving benefits shortly.

Unemployment Benefits Expire for 17,000

Pennsylvania is facing the same problem as many states – their unemployed are eating up more than they can handle, and the state had to borrow from the feds to stay afloat. And now that the economy of some states is gaining ground again, the consensus is that the unemployed don’t need extended benefits since the economy is improving. The problem is that it isn’t gaining fast enough, and not with wages that will support the lifestyles many people had before all the crashing and bubble bursting.

And this article from Fox News shows how wide the range is between the good and bad news. While people are finding work, many are starting to see a repeat performance of each news report of economic growth. The economy improves, but the jobs never get there; then the economy drops and the jobs never showed up. Rinse and repeat.

From Relief to Dispair

Then there are those who have just simply given up. Why bother when you know there are no jobs out there after looking for two years. And yes, there are those who are still looking since 2009. I actually found out that a local convenience store chain put up notices at stores which are NOT hiring. A local dollar store got so many applications from a door sign looking for two people – they ran out of applications. So no, the job market is not as great as it needs to be.

Meanwhile those who cannot find work are either being squeezed out by the states claiming there are jobs out there, or by those around them claiming they are just lazy. And the result, I’ll guarantee you the welfare roles spike this year. The food stamp numbers already went up, and the rest is coming.

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