Money is Not the Only Reason

by Bill on August 31, 2011

Don’t let money be the only reason for taking a job. This is a huge mistake by many who are under-employed or under-earning. Yes, this counts for those of you who are working at Walmart because it pays the bills. Yes, you need to pay bills. But if you get to where you dread walking through the door every day – the money isn’t worth the expense in either physical or mental health.

Case in point – I worked at a retail business for about three years. It was minimum wage, and was fairly easy. I took it after looking for work over 8 months and not getting a single interview. The welfare office is of the opinion, or was when I went through it, that any job is a good job. Yet, go to the unemployment section of the same department will tell you the exact opposite. Why? Because they know that short-term expectations, where money is the central reason behind a job, leads to constant turnaround.

I remember too well heading off to work because it paid the rent. The problem was, the environment of a minimum wage job. No one at the store was actually happy to be there. There were people who were there for years, and I mean over a decade. They all trudged along waiting for retirement. No hope, no life outside of work, no real joy – just going through the motions. And yes, most low paying jobs consist of “going through the motions”.

It got to the point where I was honestly scared I would end up working over a decade doing the same dead – end job. I grew to detest the place. I actually had to force myself to walk the six blocks to work, and then through the door.

You know the job is seriously a joke when almost everyone seems to gain full steam as they head for the door after the day is over. These are the people whom have made money the sole reason for showing up.

Is this you? Do you actually enjoy your job? Does it add value to your life? If the answer to any of this is not sounding too positive, its time to rethink your potential. You are worth more than your collective parts. Yes, you still need to pay the rent. But no, you do not need to settle in the dust just to do so.
What’s your dream? Are you chasing it, or is it just a dream forever?

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