Obama Santa Just Doesn’t Get It

by Bill on December 23, 2013

cartoon-christmas-3This one is for all the small business owners whom Obama seems to think can take on more rules, increases and such without any of the loopholes and tax breaks the big corporations get away with.

No offense Mr. President, but even the poor working class know this idea sucks. What we’re all waiting for is the day when you and Congress stop lying down and grow some balls against the big corporates and their billion dollar profits that eat away at both the American people AND the government.

One thing that this cartoon reminded me of was the cost of business that small establishments must contain. For those who don’t know, every tax dollar they take out of an employee is basically matched by a tax dollar taken from the business as well; meaning the small business owner matches social security, FICA, state, local and all that mess. So, while I do agree that the minimum wage for low income employees must be adjusted; I do not agree that the main burden of this issue should be handed down to the small businesses which still make up more than half of the private sector.

Let the discussion begin.

William Swan, writer

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