Your Credit Card Went into Denial and the Reason That Killed It

December 27, 2013

It’s happened to pretty much everybody with a credit card. No, don’t tell me you never got your card declined; you know you did at least once. It’s really nothing to be embarrassed about, but you should be aware why it happened. The Seven Most Common Reasons Your Credit Card is Declined Generally these are […]

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Nine Obvious Signs Your Credit Card Info is Out of Your Control

December 26, 2013

Within a few days of this post being written, Target announced it had been the target of hackers who lifted information of 40 million credit card users from Target’s POS systems. How do you know if you become a victim of such an attack? Extraordinary Use Patterns May Signal Credit Card Theft One such obvious […]

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Obama Santa Just Doesn’t Get It

December 23, 2013

This one is for all the small business owners whom Obama seems to think can take on more rules, increases and such without any of the loopholes and tax breaks the big corporations get away with. No offense Mr. President, but even the poor working class know this idea sucks. What we’re all waiting for […]

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Target Gives Me Another Reason not to Want a Credit Card

December 20, 2013

Target, one of the largest discount retailers in America, gave me my latest good reason never to want to swipe plastic through a card reader when possible. When a hacker grabs data of 40 million card holders, that should make people think twice. For those of you who haven’t heard, or live in a bubble, […]

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How to Start a Lawn Business With No Equipment or Cash

December 19, 2013

  How to Start a Lawn Business with No Equipment or Cash Yes, the title says it all. With no lawn mower, and no money you too can actually start a basic lawn care business. Here’s how I did it. It’s pretty simple actually; all you need is a pair of good shoes, a willingness […]

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How to Start a Winter Maintenance Business for Quick Cash

December 18, 2013

This is an idea I came up with a few years ago while trying to figure out a way to pay rent. I had a basic job, but it wasn’t bringing the cash fast enough. So, I tried something different. In 2003, I had an apartment in the middle of the old business district of […]

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Make Your Own Job

December 17, 2013

There’s been lots of talk lately about the need for better living wages, better use of federal programs and how millions of unemployed or underemployed are about to become yet another statistic. Both the economists and the politicians have created yet another hot button topic out of a realistic concern for many low wage working […]

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The Government Version of a Minimum Wage Christmas

December 16, 2013

So today starts something that I will be doing each Monday. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the political cartoons I find each week as they pertain to dollars and debt. This week’s cartoon rings especially true with the latest topic on the blog. Minimum wage, government assistance, and how you […]

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How to Go From Being Unemployed to Your Ideal Job

December 13, 2013

Many people who find themselves unemployed, share a common thought; what would I do if I could get my ideal job? The wish of having the ideal job is common among almost every working person, and is more so for the unemployed. When unemployed people think that all their employment problems would be solved if […]

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Five Things Unemployment Doesn’t Kill

December 12, 2013

If you’re about to become unemployed, or are already unemployed, remember it is not the end of the world; although it may seem like it. Problems will arise; and some may have already been there and were controllable up to this point. Other problems will show up out of nowhere. Don’t concentrate on those issues. […]

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