Paying Bills When Due

by anne on August 24, 2006

bills.jpgLast week I ran a conference for that ran from Wednesday to Sunday held at a nice hotel. We had 105 people sleeping at the hotel, eating at our banquets and meeting in about 10 meeting rooms. We also had computers, a copier that did everything but the dishes and printers. It was quite a deal.

Day before yesterday I got the 45 page bill from the hotel. It took awhile to understand that everything was included and that the separate invoices for food ($28,000+) and computers, etc. ($5,000 +) were also line items buried in the 45 pages and not additional bills. Whew! For awhile I thought we were $33,000 over budget! In fact, we were well within out spending plan.

So I called the hotel and authorized $78,000 and change be charged to our debit card. The Conference Manager expressed surprised that I was eager to get the bill paid right away. It seems many would rather delay payment as long as possible.

I remember when I was like that – not wanting to pay bills when they arrived. What a difference these days. And what a hoot it was being able to wave my hands and spend that amount of money. Even though it wasn’t my money, it was my responsibility.

I’m looking forward to being able to spend that kind of money for myself.


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