Read the Tiny Fine Print on Bank Notices

by Bill on August 9, 2011

Yes, the title says it all. And I’m sure people have said that many times before. But, this past week I was reminded of it so harshly I wanted to spit through the phone at the lady on the other end.

The reason – bank fees you just wouldn’t think about unless you actually read all the fine print they send you. Case in point; yesterday I got notice I was overdrawn. I called the bank to nicely ask why. The reasons they gave me is below.

I moved. I put up a forwarding address and all. The bank mail didn’t get forwarded, but got returned to the bank twice. They charge me $5 for undeliverable mail. Twice.

So yes, I got hit $10 because a bank notice couldn’t get delivered.
Let’s see this again.

I pay $5 because the bank couldn’t deliver a $0.44 letter. And then they do it again. Now, the notice telling me I’m overdrawn arrived fine, forwarded and all. I made sure I showed that.

And yes, it’s in the fine print. They showed me that today. I wonder if I can bill people for not being able to get them on the phone when I want them?

So if you are on a financial tightrope at the moment, be warned in advance. Read every little word on every little paper.

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Anne Wayman August 10, 2011 at 2:09 pm

One of the reasons I changed from a mega bank to a local credit union… there are still fees but not as many or as often.
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