Receipt Hell Revisited

by anne on April 1, 2009

I wrote this a back in 2006!

Okay okay! The whole truth is keeping my numbers isn’t something I always do very elegantly. It’s a developing practice. And yes, I do try to include logging in my receipts as part of my daily meditation, but…

The truth is I’d gotten way way behind… this has happened before and I know the only thing to do is start getting caught up.

So for about 10 days I spent about 15 minutes daily entering numbers, and the receipt pile lowered… Sunday was the day to really get caught up! Took probably an hour and a half… then I went ahead and entered the check book numbers and the numbers on the 3×5 card I use for keeping track of money I spend and don’t get a receipt for.

I’m now officially caught up, and it feels good.

I’m glad I read this today because I really do record my spending and earning almost every day and it has become a firm practice just like my meditation. It’s worth the effort and it turns out that doing it daily means the effort is quite small.

Love blessings and prosperity,

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