The Government Version of a Minimum Wage Christmas

by Bill on December 16, 2013

How the Federal Government sees the working poor How the Federal Government sees the working poor

So today starts something that I will be doing each Monday. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the political cartoons I find each week as they pertain to dollars and debt.

This week’s cartoon rings especially true with the latest topic on the blog. Minimum wage, government assistance, and how you are paying your ass off for what the government is “giving” to the working poor.

As you can see from the cartoon, poor old Joe American there thinks he’s getting some cash from Santa Obama. In reality though, the government has made it near impossible to exist on what new jobs have been created. While the average working poor pay out for taxes, they get a fraction of that back in assistance.

Yes, there are the EITC, public assistance programs and such; but if the tax burden was more evenly distributed all this wouldn’t be needed. When millions of people are paying in, but getting so little return for their effort, there is something wrong.

So anyway, that’s the cartoon for the week.

What’s your take on it?

William Swan, writer

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