The Impatience Factor

by Bill on January 20, 2012

People seem too impatient these days. Everyone wants bigger or better, yet no one wants to work towards that goal. I see people settle for less than they can achieve every day; if for nothing else, for the fact that they just don’t have the will to do more. They become settled into a life because they believe this is all there is to have; when in fact each person’s life is only as good as that person makes it to be. Well, at least in the industrialized world anyhow. While the whole world believes in “bigger and better” we here in America and maybe the UK have come to believe in “bigger and better” NOW. And because of that, rudimentary survival skills have somehow become forgotten nature.

An example are the people who go find minimum wage jobs, and then never keep looking. They just give up. No, there might not be any more jobs, or higher paying jobs in your area; but with the Internet today, who says you have to stay in your area to work? Go virtual! Go look for work elsewhere. Work at home or from a laptop. Think about the strengths you already have, or hobbies you do; brainstorm part-time income you can make from those.

Another example are all these people in debt and living pay to pay because of it. Instead of going for small, simple and saving for “bigger and better” they take on debt and end up paying nearly twice the amount they would have if they had gone slower. That’s how these furniture rental places make money. That’s how the banks and credit cards earn millions in interest. They go after people who cannot wait to have what they want.

And now for the part where I stand on the soapbox.

No, the success or the “bigger and better” won’t happen overnight – and it shouldn’t. But if you put planning, and effort and time into it, your goals can be reached. People bend their backs way too easy today when something hard hits them. Keep bending over and you’ll find yourself looking at the ground forever. Look at the sun for once. That’s where you should be.

End of the preachy part. Sorry, I’m just tired of people asking me “what else would you do?” as if they’ve already given up.

Have you given up today? If not, what are you doing about it tomorrow?

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Aloysa @ My Broken Coin January 22, 2012 at 11:51 pm

The impatience factor caused me so much trouble! I missed out on things because of it, I lost because if it. But I never gave up. I always want more and better. That’s why I would never settle for a minimum wage job. I would always strive to find a better job, make a career. Great post!
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