Try Supporting Small Business and Rural Living in Small Communities

by Bill on June 11, 2014

P3040003-bBack on Sunday I read a story in a local paper about a guy running for governor of New York State, Rob Astorino. He made a visit recently to the area to stump for his campaign. His whole speech, according to the article found here, is about how fracking will help the economy in a rural area and create jobs.

I have a few questions, not about fracking, but about other issues which apparently people missed. This is not just an environmental issue by the way.

First, why do people insist that big corporations are the only answer to economic recovery? Big oil and gas drillers are not what made America. What is so damn wrong with promoting small business and new ventures?

Second, why oh why do people think rural areas need to be developed into mass infrastructure or industrial areas? Does anyone realize that without family farms half of the food supply vanishes? Do we want Monsanto, factory farms and processing plants to rule the food world?

Third, do politicians believe that everyone needs to pay high rents found in larger cities? When fracking came to central and northeastern Pennsylvania I can tell you the cost of everything skyrocketed. Rents tripled overnight. Once rural roads became truck routes with rigs headed into the hills to drill the next oil field. A population explosion occurred, mostly people from other states. Hurray for progress right?

Fourth, do politicians realize that most often the jobs they are creating are at or near minimum wage? Do you really think that Wal-mart super store pays well? Yeah it makes jobs, but also creates more welfare applications when people can’t afford to pay the new higher cost of living. Duh. Yes, we just had one open up around here.

What is needed are jobs that create more opportunity. What is needed is more options for rural economies to support the communities they include. What is needed are jobs that allow people to feel more than just a number at some damn big box or machine.

I don’t know if we need fracking or not. What we DO NOT need is another big corporation to rely on when there is a chance to create growth and opportunity in a rural setting.

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