Under Earning v. Real Poverty

by anne on October 16, 2008

Yesterday was Blog Action Day. I did a couple of posts over at my writing blog, TheGoldenPencil, including one I titled The Day After…

It got me remembering again that I have never ever expereinced anything like true poverty. Sure, I’ve underearned and made a bunch of stupid decisions about money, but the truth also is I’ve never:

  • been hungry
  • not had a roof over my house
  • been without heat when it was cold
  • been without medical care when I’ve really needed it
  • had to wear clothes with holes in them
  • had to go barefoot because I didn’t have shoes
  • had to decide between feeding myself or my cats

Most of us in the United States, and, in fact, the so-called western world, have never experienced true deprivation.

I made a contribution to Heifer today. What are you going to do to end poverty?


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