by anne on April 2, 2009

apple_on_tree____Last August I wrote:

Most of the folks I know who are involved in letting go of unsecured debt and under earning also report they have issues with clutter. That is, they report that, like me, paper tends to pile up until it falls over, stuff collects in the car until it’s too embarrassing to take a passenger, and the dishes tend to get done only if there are no more dishes to use.

My hunch, and it’s sort of based on my own experience, is that the hook between debt and clutter is vagueness.

I’m even more convinced today that’s true. In fact, I’m coming to see vagueness as a core issue for me.

I’ve been working at loosing some weight and it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized why keep a food diary was so helpful.

I use Lance Armstrong’s The Daily Plate which, when I log in the food I eat tracks calories for me. It also makes it easy to figure out how many calories I should be eating if I want to loose. Up until I took a close look at my food diary yesterday, I would have looked you straight in the eye and told you I had almost quit binging. Hah. Not true. It turns out I’ve been binging every other day.

This is just another sort of vagueness and I’m not yet sure how vagueness about food applies to earning, spending and debting. Maybe it will turn out it doesn’t. But getting out of vagueness has been such a help with the money,  my hunch is it will play a positive role in weight loss.

We’ll see.

Have you had problems with vagueness? Tell us about it.

Love, blessings and prosperity,

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