What I Mean by Financial Independence

by anne on July 5, 2006

It’s so tempting, particularly when cash is tight, to focus just on the money – the dollar amounts, the amounts in checking, savings or hidden in the house. But that kind of thinking is actually affirming the seeming lack. It seems the mind works kind of like this:

“Oh my God I need $x to pay the rent.”

The affirmation behind this thought is actually “I don’t have enough money to pay the rent.” The Universe, as it always does, says ‘yes’ and sure enough, the rent money stays missing.

Far better to focus instead on the real source of abundance and prosperity… what is called by some “the Divine Mind within.”

I’m learning to undo this sort of thinking. One of the results is the following definition of what financial independence really means to me… or what I’d like it to mean:

With a grateful and excited knowing God is my source of my abundance and I am one with God, financial independence to me means ample every day, every week, every month and every year to not only handle my expenses, including tithing and savings, but to expand my income, my life and my freedom to truly be the gratitude, abundance, peace, love, balance that God is.

And so it is.

Anne Wayman

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Mike April 7, 2009 at 8:37 pm

that’s good. I tell myself that I always have enough…and more than enough.

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