When I Don’t Open The Mail!

by anne on January 13, 2009

Before I cleaned up my money act, the mail used to scare me half to death. I could recognize a bill or a collection notice at 100 paces. I knew what color the ulitilty bill would be just before they turned me off.

One of the signs of my increasing health around money is not only that I have money in the bank, but I (usually) open my mail the day it comes. I say usually, well let me tell you.

When I moved I transfered my phone and internet service from a phone company to a cable company. I got the cable company’s first bill, opened it and it was significantly more than I expected. Plus there was a $40 charge I didn’t understand. My intention was to call them and ask about it. I didn’t; I don’t remember why now.

Time passed as it did, and I got a cold. Mail came in from the cable company and my hunch was it was a delinquency notice of some sort. I ignored it. In fact I igored that one and two more until yesterday when, after about two weeks I was feeling better.

Sure enough, it was a notice they were going to turn me off – yikes! – three days ago!

I called, paid and wondered why I put myself through that nonsense. Denial can strike at any time. Vagueness is out to get me 😉

I’m grateful I opened the envelope before my phone and internet were turned off and I look forward to opening today’s mail.

Clarity works,


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