When Saving Money and Necessity are Deemed “Ghetto”

by Bill on December 6, 2011

This past weekend I had the unfortunate situation of being in desperate need of laundry getting done, but no money to do it. So how do you manage to save money while having none? You go old school and use your ingenuity.

Saving Money and Necessity Through Thinking
What I mean by this is you seek out ways to get things done regardless of what others may think. In my situation this involved doing laundry in the bathtub, then hanging clothes to dry on lines strung across a room in the apartment. Now in a modern society this type of thinking is deemed insufficient apparently because I had two people tell me the place took on a “ghetto” look to it. By the term “ghetto” they were referring to people who are too poor to actually go spend money to do clothes. Now I had to wonder what they would do if they had no money and no washer and dryer.

Saving Money and Necessity Join Forces
In doing the laundry this way saving money and necessity joined forces. There was no gas wasted hauling clothes to another house. There was no worry about taking money from food, utilities or rent to wash clothes. The heat, which you already pay for, is actually providing more efficiency and value for the price you paid. And the best reason – you aren’t worried over where money will come from to pay for something else.

Make the Most of the Situation
While I’m not suggesting doing laundry this way all the time, I do want to encourage you to think outside the proverbial box when it comes to saving money to meet necessities. Don’t be afraid to seek out ways that will save the most money while providing the most necessity. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks your idea or method is “ghetto”, cheap or goes “against the grain” when not following the spending mentality of everyone else. What does matter is how you use ingenuity, imagination and survival skills to maintain basic needs and materials. It may look “ghetto” to do laundry this way, but I came out of it with clean clothes while not robbing from another source to get the desired results.

What ways have you kept necessities while saving money?

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Rochelle December 13, 2011 at 11:28 am

The best way to save money is to simply avoid purchasing things you can live without. For example cutting out a land line if you have a cell phone, or getting a less expensive cell phone and cable plan. Also, I would suggest that you do your best to purchase products that are on sale and clip coupons. Also, you should pack your lunch for work instead of constantly buying lunch. You will save a boat load of money by trying that tip. I would also suggest you fill up your water bottle instead of constantly buying new water. When it comes to clothes, if you can purchase lightly used clothes or go on a website such as E bay where you can usually find new or slightly used designer clothes and accessories for cheap instead of paying full price directly at the store.
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Bill December 13, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Rochelle these are things so often stated but often seen as taking too much thought to implement because of current commercial thinking. Why bother making lunch when the fast food is right around the corner; or why bother going the extra half mile for used clothing when Wal-mart is right there. Unfortunately it takes changes in thinking and behavior to make things happen.

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